PROMARA Performance Monitoring Plan

The PMP is a living document. First submitted in November 2010; this current PMP is revised to reflect Phase 2 of the program. Where the first PMP was formative and designed during Phase 1 (an information gathering phase); this current PMP reflects the insight and experience of staff, stakeholders, and partners to provide more concrete and nuanced performance indicators and targets, data collection methodologies and systems and auditing measures. Systems and processes that didn’t exists during the previous design of the PMP were observed and critiqued to better understand programmatic drivers and constraints which influenced and informed the changes made to this PMP. This version of the PMP, like the first one, has been done through a participatory process that brings stakeholders together to discuss anticipated results as well as solicit buy-in and collective understanding. The development of this PMP occurred over a two-week period in late July and early August 2011; see Appendix 3 for the PMP development scope of work. During the revision of the PMP; USAID/Kenya staff was consulted to clarify expectation, roles, terminology, and other technical aspects of the document. ProMara will continue to consult and work with USAID/Kenya and the PRRG team to ensure the ProMara PMP is accurate, reflects current realities, and is participatory in nature.

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