Project Brief: Land Governance Support Activity

USAID Liberia Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) supports the establishment of more effective land governance systems to implement comprehensive reforms to: improve equitable access to land and security of tenure for all, facilitate inclusive sustained growth and development, ensure peace and security, and provide sustainable management of the environment.

Current Activities

LGSA is comprised of four components that address the above issues through gender-sensitive approaches:

Component 1: Strengthen the policy, legal and regulatory framework for land governance. Activities include:

  • Providing advisory support and recommendations for land policy and legal and regulatory reform,
  • Developing and disseminating public information on proposed reforms, and
  • Conducting and disseminating policy research.

Component 2: Improvement of human and institutional capacity for land governance. Activities include:

  • Supporting institutional transition to the Liberia Land Authority,
  • Supporting decentralized management and institutional capacity development, and awareness of Government of Liberia land governance institutions,
  • Supporting master’s-level training in land governance, and
  • Public outreach and awareness campaigns.

Component 3: Conduct action research to support provisions of the land rights policy and land rights law. Activities include:

  • Developing a learning agenda followed by the development and field testing of processes for customary land rights implementation,
  • Facilitating community-led processes to strengthen community land governance, including capacity-building of communities, local institutions, and stakeholders.

Component 4: Strengthen civil society, private sector, and citizen engagement in land governance. Activities include:

  • Developing and managing grants under contract supporting civil society and private sector entities engaged in land governance activities, and
  • Assisting the strengthening of private professional organizations, and facilitating the establishment of public-private partnerships in activities surrounding land administration.