PRADD Liberia: End-Line Survey

Prior to the implementation of PRADD, a local survey research firm, Subah-Belleh Associates (SBA), conducted a survey to assess conditions in project and control areas, inform project programming, and serve as a basis for evaluating the impacts of the project activities. This baseline survey was administered to 826 mining households in three counties in Western Liberia: Bomi, Cape Mount, and Gbarpolu. The baseline survey was conducted during the period February to March 2011.

During August 2012, a second survey was administered to 639 mining households in the same three areas to assess changes since the baseline and to evaluate the impacts of project activities. The short timeframe between the baseline and end-line surveys was due to an earlier-than-anticipated closing of the project, which was in turn due to budget cuts combined with poor responsiveness on the part of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy in Liberia. It must be noted that the short interval between the two surveys compromised the amount of attitudinal and behavioral change to be expected due to the project’s activities. This report presents the results of the end-line survey.

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