LRFRP Success Story: Legal aid centers protect farmers’ rights to land

Tashabbuskor of jamoat Dehkonobod in Jillikul district Rahmatullo Bobomurodov advices farmer on land use issues.

Bobomurodov Rahmatullo, a primary school teacher, lives in jamoat Dehkonobod of Jillikul district. He has worked as a teacher since 1988 and educated several generations within his village. Over the years, people have come to trust Bobomurodov’s advice, and have turned to him for advice on a variety of different problems, including land issues. As an active participant in his community, Bobomurdov has attended various events, including seminars and trainings implemented by USAID projects operating in Jilikul District. At a seminar organized by public organization “Zanoni Dehot” at the end of 2013, he was elected to become a Tashabbuskor in his jamoat. Since then Bobomurodov has become more familiar with the land reform process, and farmer’s right to land, and he began providing informational consultations for the villagers on land issues and has repeatedly assisted them resolve land disputes.

Recently, a dispute arose between Zavkieva Rajabgul the head of dehkan farm “Farovon” and Ganiev Abdukarim the head of dehkan farm “Boboi Nurmuhammad” about the border of their farms. For nearly a year they argued with each other and could not resolve their dispute and determine their farms’ land boundaries. Because of this dispute, the relationship between the neighbors deteriorated more each day – to the point where other farmers in their village encouraged them to ask Tashabbuskor Bobomurodov Rahmatullo to find a solution to their dispute. After listening to their problem, Bobomurodov was able to get the farmers to agree to a meeting with a specialist from the Land Committee of Jillikul district. The specialist found the archival documents of the land parcels and was able to demonstrate the original boundaries of their farms. As a result, both farmers agreed to reinstate the borders and were thankful to the Bobomurodov who helped them resolve their dispute and bring back peace to the village.