LMDA Success Story: Farmer Defends Rights Before Tax Committee

Photo: USAID/Feed the Future
Tajikistan Land Market Development

In collaboration with the Public Organization “Network of Tashabbuskors,” the Feed the Future Tajikistan Land Market Development Activity provides accessible information on land rights to rural populations. The 67 tashabbuskors currently operating in the project’s 12 target districts play an important role in disseminating information to land users.

Dehkan farm owner Mr. Muhammad Sattorov is one of the many local farmers who has benefited from increased access to information about land rights. Despite having paid his land taxes on a timely basis, tax officers were insisting that he was required to make an advance payment. Additionally, tax authorities deemed that he was in debt, despite the fact that he was paying his taxes properly.

From the LMDA-grantee produced newspaper Agroinform TJ, Mr. Sattorov was able to obtain necessary information on land tax payments. Mr. Sattorov also attended a focus group in jamoat Mash’al of Vakhsh district, during which farmers exchanged knowledge about taxation and tax payments. Additionally, Mr. Sattorov spoke with tashabbuskor Mr. Boymurod Shoimov about his tax payments, who directed him to Mr. Rahmatullo Bobomurodov, the Head of the PO “Network of Tashabbuskors” for further detailed information. Mr. Bobomurodov provided Mr. Sattorov with information about taxation periods, types of taxes, and tax documentation.

After researching and obtaining this relevant information, Mr. Sattorov concluded that he had paid all required taxes on a timely basis, and that he had even paid certain taxes in advance. He went to see the local tax authority, who reviewed his records thoroughly and determined that he was exempt from certain taxes, including unified tax, land tax, and social tax for the next six months. This success story is one of many that showcase how access to information can benefit local farmers.