Land Tenure and Property Rights Assessment: The Northern Rangeland and Coastal Conservation Programs of USAID/Kenya

This assessment attempts to provide knowledge, particularly on the land and property rights arrangements, and implications for natural resource management, tourism and income generation. To that end, the assessment examines the following themes and how they constrain or enhance performance at targeted sites: • Land ownership and control – customary and statutory land tenure systems, and the changing nature of these systems; • Land redistribution and rights formalization – legal and illegal land allocation, settlement programs, compulsory acquisition, land sub-division/ privatization; • Land and natural resource use and management – customary/statutory rights to natural resources, common property resource management, land and resource conflicts, constraints to investment, and benefit sharing; • Land administration institutions – adjudication processes, land registration, and planning. The assessment takes a critical look at the various models of conservation (tourism) enterprises being promoted, establishes a framework for the analysis of these models, and identifies implications for the Kenya draft National Land Policy (dNLP).

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