Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) Quarterly Report: January – March 2016

The Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) supports the establishment of more effective land governance systems, ready to implement comprehensive reforms to improve equitable access to land and security of tenure, so as to facilitate inclusive sustained growth and development, ensure peace and security, and provide sustainable management of the environment. Tetra Tech and partners Landesa, World Resources Institute (WRI), Namati, Collaborative Decision Resources Associates (CDR), Sustainable Development Institute (SDI), and Parley form a collaborative team providing technical and organizational assistance to the Government of Liberia (GOL), civil society, and communities in their land rights reform process.

Throughout our Year 1 work plan LGSA makes the assumption that the Land Rights Bill and Liberia Land Authority Bill would be passed in a timely fashion. At present neither bill has moved through the legislature. An Interim Land Task Force has been appointed to institutionally bridge the gap between the Land Commission and the Liberia Land Authority. LGSA has updated the risk analysis and mitigation table to reflect the current situation.

Delays in the legislative agenda have not had a significant impact on LGSA’s ability to continue project activities. Second quarter activities have focused on: the completion of an institutional audit of the Center for National Documents and Records Agency (CNDRA) and the development of a draft transition plan for the Liberia Land Authority; the completion of work plans of institutional partners, including a workshop which lead to consensus for the action research agenda to inform the customary land rights recognition process, and the development of concept notes to implement that research agenda; the finalization of the Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (MEP); the development of a gender strategy, completion of a gender assessment, and provision of a gender training for LGSA staff; continuation of the public awareness campaign on the Liberia Land Authority and Land Rights Bills; and work with the Professional Surveyors Association to revitalize that association.

Administratively, all senior, administrative, and technical project staff have been hired. Weekly general staff meetings are held to keep all project staff abreast of project activities. Weekly technical staff meetings are also held to ensure coordination of field activities both technically as well as logistically. Office space and housing have been secured for the Chief of Party (COP), Deputy Chief of Party (DCOP), and Land Governance Adviser. Financial management and procurement procedures have been established and are functioning. Personnel, vehicle, and security handbooks have been updated where appropriate.