Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) Inception Plan

The Land Governance Support Activity (LGSA) supports the establishment of more effective land governance systems, ready to implement comprehensive reforms to improve equitable access to land and security of tenure, so as to facilitate inclusive sustained growth and development, ensure peace and security, and provide sustainable management of the environment.

LGSA objectives support USAID/Liberia’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy and the LGSA Theory of Change (see Figure 2.1 in Section 2). Tetra Tech provides technical and organizational assistance to the Government of Liberia (GOL), civil society, and communities to achieve the four project objectives:

  • Objective 1 (O1): Policy, legal and regulatory framework for land governance strengthened
  • Objective 2 (O2): Functionality of GOL land governance institutions improved
  • Objective 3 (O3): Protection of customary land rights strengthened
  • Objective 4 (O4): Stakeholder engagement in land governance strengthened

Activities are implemented through consultative processes with USAID; the Project Advisory Committee (PAC); and government, civil society, and donor counterparts. Our gender-sensitive approach ensures buy-in from all stakeholders, leading to a stronger sustainability model.

The Inception Plan is comprised of five sections. The first provides an overview of the LGSA Year 1 work plan. The work plan is based on several assumptions: that the Land Rights Law and Land Authority Law are both promulgated in the first year of the project; and that the GOL remains supportive of the LGSA objectives. A risk analysis is provided in Section 1.1 outlining potential risks and LGSA mitigation measures. Section 2 is the Performance Monitoring Plan/Monitoring and Evaluation Plan (MEP). The final MEP was also submitted to USAID under separate cover.

The Communications and Outreach Plan is outlined in Section 3, including the LGSA Branding Implementation and Marking Plan and a summary project communications plan. Section 4 describes LGSA’s Deployment Plan for the three project Key Personnel as well as the employment plan. Lastly, Section 5 provides an Activity Timeline for the Year 1 work plan and subsequent years.