Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP) Survey: Baseline National Survey for Property Rights In Kosovo

The overall goal of the USAID/Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP) is to improve the property rights In order to build a more detailed understanding of public attitudes to property rights in general, and women’s rights to inherit property in particular, Tetra Tech commissioned UBO Consulting to carry out a survey to gain insights into public opinions on property rights, women’s right to inherit, and satisfaction with court services on resolving property disputes. A representative sample of 1,250 adults living in Kosovo was used to conduct this survey. The sample consisted of three sub-sets: 850 K-Albanians, 200 K-Serbs and 200 K-Other Minorities.1 The survey took place from April 3 – 27, 2015.

For a more comprehensive picture into people’s attitudes/behaviors about women’s rights to inherit property, UBO Consulting also conducted 15 focus groups with citizens across Kosovo. Focus groups were held with members of Albanian, Serb, and Roma Ashkali and Egyptian communities. To obtain specific information in regard to satisfaction with courts, one focus group was held only with respondents who had previous experience with property/inheritance cases. The focus groups were held from April 16 – 30, 2015.

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