Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP) Quarterly Report: July – September 2017

USAID’s Property Rights Program (PRP) is a four-year activity that aims to address the property rights challenges and to develop a plan for the stabilization of the property rights regime in Kosovo. The program will work in partnership with the Government of Kosovo (GOK), selected municipalities and other relevant local and international stakeholders. USAID has allocated $8.5 million for the implementation of the Property Rights Program.



This Quarter saw PRP advance its initiatives significantly under all four Objectives. Under Objective 1, implementing legislation for the National Strategy on Property Rights was developed at a steady pace under the caretaker government; and the new government, which came to power on September 9, 2017, has affirmed its commitment to support property rights reform. Under Objective 2, the piloting of the improved case management reforms proceeded apace in the three Courts of Merit, producing real improvements in the courts’ performance, which PRP is documenting. Under Objective 3, PRP continued its public outreach on women’s equal property rights with a range of activities, most notably showing its PSAs in conjunction with the month-long municipal election debates conducted by the E4E sub-grantee BIRN, and securing the inclusion of questions related to property rights during those debates. Under Objective 4, PRP has moved forward a number of initiatives in partner municipalities that are designed to improve municipal governments’ services to their citizens ranging from hardware assets to technical assistance.