Kosovo Property Rights Program (PRP) Annual Report: 2016

USAID’s Property Rights Program (PRP) is a four-year activity that aims to address the property rights challenges and to develop a plan for the stabilization of the property rights regime in Kosovo. The program will work in partnership with the Government of Kosovo (GOK), selected municipalities and other relevant local and international stakeholders. USAID has allocated $8.5 million for the implementation of the Property Rights Program.


The rule of law in Kosovo is constrained by poorly defined and enforced property rights, especially the property rights of women and members of minority communities. The absence of an effective property rights regime weakens democratic governance, impacts human rights, disempowers women and impedes economic growth.

The Property Rights Program (PRP) is a four-year USAID project implemented under four objectives:

Objective 1: Better Coordination and Policy Priorities

Objective 2: Improved Court Procedures Related to Property Claims

Objective 3: Enhance Women’s Rights to Use Property in Practice

Objective 4: Improved Communication, Access to Information and Understanding of Property Rights

The PRP promotes sustainable solutions by building capacity within Kosovo’s institutions and civil society to take ownership of and direct the reforms to strengthen property rights and the rule of law that are required for Euro-Atlantic integration and economic development. PRP facilitates effective donor and government stakeholder coordination such as supporting the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) to lead development of the National Strategy on Property Rights through an inclusive and participatory process. PRP provides technical assistance to the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) to develop, pilot, and test improved court procedures to efficiently adjudicate property claims and disputes.

PRP is carrying out extensive and varied public outreach activities to spark public discussion of the challenges women face in exercising their property rights and to prompt change in social attitudes and behaviors. PRP is also working with USAID’s E4E partner and sub-grantees to help them support and undertake activities that reinforce PRP’s public outreach efforts.

In addition, PRP is working directly with municipal administrations to enable them to make it easier for their citizens to register their property and exercise their property rights, by streamlining procedures; encouraging the sharing of information among local institutions and making legal information readily available to the public.