Kenya Transition Initiative Factsheet – Supporting Government of Kenya Reform Efforts

The Kenya Transition Initiative (KTI) supports a wide range of actors that are contributing to the reform agenda. These include the Government of Kenya (GOK) at the national or local level; non-governmental organizations / civil society; and private sector firms. KTI’s approach relies on a simple philosophy: identify and support change agents that support the ongoing reform effort in Kenya. This simple organizing philosophy flows through the many examples of collaboration provided in this document. KTI has been effective in locating change agents within government organizations undergoing significant reforms. These change agents emerged at the national, regional and local level (e.g., the speaker of the House (2008-2013) or a Chief Magistrate at a local level). KTI nurtures these change agents by providing in-kind support and technical assistance on key projects in their organizations. This document summarizes those efforts and the broad partnerships that KTI has developed with the GOK over the five-year transition period.

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