FED Monthly Report: July 2016

The Food and Enterprise Development (FED) Activity is USAID’s flagship Feed the Future (FtF) Initiative in Liberia. The project was launched in September 2011. USAID FED uses an all-inclusive strategy incorporating micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME), farmers, processors, suppliers, women, and youth, while partnering with the Government of Liberia (GoL) and local civil society to achieve food security.

USAID FED is increasing food availability, utilization, and accessibility by building an indigenous incentive structure to assist agricultural stakeholders in adopting commercial approaches. This incentive structure is built upon:

  • Improved technology for productivity and profitability;
  • Expanded and modernized input supply and extension systems;
  • Commercial production, marketing, and processing;
  • Enterprise services; and
  • Workforce development.

USAID FED works with the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), civil society, and the private sector in providing communities access to agricultural inputs, extension services, nutrition messages, processing services, market information, transportation, credit, agro-business education, training, and business development services.

As USAID FED enters the final stages of its fifth and final year of operation, it continues to expand market linkages designed to substantially increase incomes and job opportunities. USAID FED is also boosting the production, processing, marketing and nutritional utilization of rice, cassava and vegetables, as well as enhancing the productivity of goat farming in the counties covered by the program.

These initiatives are implemented in Bong, Lofa, Nimba, Grand Bassa, Montserrado, and Margibi counties. USAID FED focuses on these counties because they are situated along regional development corridors crucial to promoting intra- and inter-county commerce. These growth corridors are improving food availability and access for all Liberians.

USAID FED’s methodology is market-led and value-chain driven, and committed to building indigenous capacity building with a specific focus on Liberia’s women and youth.

USAID FED is implemented by a consortium led by Development Alternatives, Inc., along with Winrock International, International Fertilizer Developmental Center (IFDC), Louisiana State University (LSU), and The Cadmus Group.

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