ERC Quarterly Report: May – June 2013

This initial quarterly report is being submitted two months after contract award to put ERC on the standard USG fiscal year quarter schedule.  During the quarter the primary activity focus was ERC mobilization and ongoing communications and knowledge management activities.

  • Three of five key personnel and supporting staff were hired in the first month of implementation. Two key personnel declined to accept their positions. Cloudburst will submit replacements for USAID approval in the second quarter.
  • ERC met with the LTD to conduct initial contract brief and work plan meetings. Cloudburst transitioned to ERC the communications staff and activities under the previous KMTSS communications support project and continue to provide website development and maintenance, communications content generation, and knowledge management services.
  • All staff have been provided with office space and computer equipment, and have been oriented to Cloudburst human resources and management systems.
  • On the last day of the quarter, the draft Annual Work Plan for year one was submitted.

Priority year one activities that are already underway include:

  • Subtask 1.A Ethiopia land certification impact evaluation
  • Subtask 2.C Impact of REDD+ projects on tenure and property rights
  • Subtask 3.A  Manage, update, and improve the USAID LTPR website
  • Subtask 3.B Ongoing Communication Support
  • Subtask 4.B Conduct Washington DC LTPR training
  • Subtask 5.A Implement mobile technology in land administration pilot activity
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