EPI Report: Investment Environment and Labor Market Survey

This document reports on an Investment Environment and Labor Force Survey undertaken for Deloitte Consulting LLP in the framework of the USAID-funded Economic Prosperity Initiative (EPI) by ACT Research.

The objective of the survey was to study the investment environment and potential labor market for the apparel sector (as well as other sectors of the economy), in the locations of Kutaisi, Batumi, Poti and Ozurgeti.

The survey was undertaken through face-to-face interviews among the able-bodied population aged 18-35. One thousand six hundred individuals were interviewed; 280 women and 120 men in study area. The results presented within the report are based upon the active labor force; they exclude those that have not worked and are no seeking work.

The survey revealed a general willingness among the sample population toward work in the apparel sector, with residents of Ozurgeti exhibiting the highest degree of interest.