EPI Report: Competitiveness Perception Survey

Launched in 2010 by USAID, EPI aims to support businesses operating in various different economic spheres of Georgia, while promoting the rise of the country’s overall economic competitiveness for sustainable development. The research conducted by ACT aims to examine the work of potential beneficiaries of this project, as well as their views and opinions.

EPI’s assistance is designed to improve enterprise, industry, and country-level competitiveness through three components (1) Expanding and Deepening Georgia’s Economic Governance Capacity and Country-Level Competitiveness; (2) Improving Private Sector Competitiveness in (a) the agricultural sector and (b) other industries; and (3) Cross-Cutting Activities.

The first wave of research was conducted in 2011 and was comprised of three surveys:

  • EPI Competitiveness Perception Survey – Household Survey
  • EPI Competitiveness Perception Survey – Business/Enterprise Survey
  • EPI Beneficiary Survey

In 2012, the second wave of the Business/Enterprise Survey was conducted. A brief description of the main results of Business/Enterprise Survey follows.