EPI Report: Assistance to the Development of the Revenue Service HR Department

This report presents an overview of the assistance the EPI program has provided to strengthen the infrastructure of the HR department of the RS in the areas of developing job descriptions, knowledge requirements for each job, skill sets, and behavioral characteristics. It follows up on a Training Needs Assessment conducted by EPI at the Revenue Service of Georgia in June 2011. The TNA not only identified gaps in knowledge, skills, and attitudes of employees within the Revenue Service but also identified the need for the Human Resource department to develop a strong infrastructure based on international best practices. The current mission was designed to provide the next step of training capacity building by helping Revenue Service develop a Strategic Training Plan. However, during the course of the mission, the consultant discovered an opportunity to provide critical HR capacity guidance by helping the Revenue Service develop job descriptions for its personnel. The consultant designed a procurement of local resources to carry out a job descriptions development contract. By establishing job descriptions and skill sets, the HR department will be in a position to analyze training needs and be better equipped to go forward with human resource development and training. In addition, the report focuses on the substantial progress the HR department has made over the past two months and presents an overview of the steps the HR department needs to take in the area of training.