EPI Recommendations and Priotizations: E-Government Assessment

The EPI is a competitiveness program focusing on selected firm-level and industry-level improvement through assistance to selected agricultural and nonagricultural value chains. In support of its competitiveness work, EPI works with the Government of Georgia (GoG) to address key policy and administration areas that most directly affect Georgia’s competitiveness support private sector growth.

The project team determined that there is significant potential to pursue EPI objectives through e-governance support. The EPI project assigned Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and e-government subject matter experts to research, identify, and prioritize opportunities for potential EPI intervention. Interventions may include design and implementation of ICT solutions, business process re-engineering, change management, and training/capacity building. Due diligence for prioritization includes documenting a program description, designing an action plan for intervention, identification and description of resources, and an estimation of impact on key performance indicators related to Georgian competitiveness and private sector growth.

This report is intended to serve as an inventory and action plan for GoG e-governance opportunities that the EPI project will use to establish and refine work plan priorities.