Endline National Survey on Property Rights in Kosovo

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/Kosovo Property Rights Program (USAID PRP) aims to improve the property rights regime in Kosovo, strengthen the rule of law, and increase economic growth and investment. Outreach activities, public education campaigns and support for the legal system were a few of the means used to support these objectives.

USAID PRP contracted UBO Consulting to conduct the Endline National Survey on Property Rights in Kosovo to collect data that sheds light on the legal, procedural and administrative barriers constraining women from inheriting property, and identify additional cultural issues that prevent women and girls from exercising a broader range of property rights. The gathered data reveals current attitudes and perceptions of the general public in  Kosovo towards property ownership and women’s rights to inherit property, as well as their level of satisfaction with courts in resolving property disputes. In addition, the survey was used to measure the level of exposure to USAID PRP communications products, and their effect on the community.

The Endline Survey was conducted between October 19, 2018 and November 22, 2018. It collected information from a nationally representative sample of 1,258 respondents residing in Kosovo. There was an oversampling of minority communities for the survey, with the objective of permitting a statistically significant analysis. The results included in this report have been weighted to reflect the size of the minority communities relative to the overall population. The sample of 1,258 respondents included 855 Kosovo Albanians, 204 Kosovo Serbs and 199 Kosovo nonVSerb minorities.