Building Bridges to Peace (BBP) Final Evaluation Report

The USAID/CMM-funded Building Bridges to Peace (BBP) program sought to address the key causes of conflict in and around northern Karamoja by engaging communities in inter-group dialogues and joint livelihoods projects that build mutual interest and promote reconciliation. Its main objectives were to strengthen local mechanisms for conflict mitigation, support reconciliation through dialogues and trust-building measures, and build cooperation and address key causes of violence through joint livelihoods projects.

This final assessment seeks to provide a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the current conditions in the Building Bridges to Peace (BBP) program sites, and, most importantly, of changes made since the program’s start date in May 2009. The main objectives of this evaluation are to assess changes in key indicators from the mid-term assessment and to explore what, if any, impact the cultural dialogues/exchanges and the joint livelihoods projects had on not only the level of violence, but also the relationships and interactions between the conflicting communities.

The key findings are based on data collected from household surveys and participatory assessment tools.

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