Approach to Participatory Management of Natural Resources (APMNR) Final Report

The Approach to Participatory Management of Natural Resources (APMNR) Project sought to help mitigate and manage conflict in two ayil okmotu (rural communities) along the Kyrgyzstan-Tajikistan border.

This final report covers activities approved by USAID in the workplan attached as Annex One. Activities were undertaken by RDI and its local implementing partner, Rural Development Fund (RDF), with whom RDI has a sub-agreement.

This report first provides some background on the issues that the APMNR Project attempted to address, as well as the goal and objectives of the Project. It briefly introduces each activity in the workplan (see Annex One), provides a summary of major results achieved, identifies obstacles encountered during implementation, and details progress made towards program objectives with an emphasis on measurement using indicators established in the workplan. Project activities are listed below.

  1. Situational Analysis
  2. Integrate International Experience
  3. Community Mapping of Resource Allocation and Use
  4. Conflict Management Plan
  5. Micro-Projects
  6. Public Information and Awareness
  7. Lessons Learned