ABC-LA Annual Performance Review: BRIDGE Project

The purpose of the annual performance report is to “provide a comprehensive annual performance report on all monitoring data and performance metrics collected over the prior fiscal year. The performance report will also describe how the indicator data was used to inform adaptive management of project implementation.” This report is comprised of the following sections:

  1. Project Description
  2. Project Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Framework
  3. Year 1 Performance Summary
  4. Project Adaptive Management Framework
  5. Year 1 Adaptive Managment Summary
  6. Annexes, including status overview of Year 1 work plan activities (as of the end of the reporting period)

As noted above, one of the primary reasons for producing the annual performance report is to present, in a concise manner, all monitoring data and performance metrics collected for the reporting period and infer from that information the performance level of the project during that period. For the first year of the Biodiversity Results and Integrated Development Gains Enhanced (BRIDGE) project (October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016), strict adherence to this methodology was not possible given that the project did not have an approved set of performance monitoring indicators and metrics on which to report. The absence of such a framework during the year precluded rigorous quantitative data accumulation; however, performance and progress towards meeting project objectives was monitored and captured through the use of activity trackers, biannual progress reports, and the learning annex attached to the end of the Year 1 biannual report.