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“We need to empower women with knowledge so they can raise their voices.”

Q&A with three rural women from Tolima about claiming their land rights and inspiring women in their communities. This blog was originally published by Land for Prosperity.  As part of the massive land formalization campaign in Ataco Municipality, Tolima, USAID Land for Prosperity Activity joined Colombia’s Land Restitution Unit (URT) to deliver a series of…Read More

Finding a Way to Secure Land Rights

In 1959, the Colombian government passed legislation to create national forest reserves and protect its many natural resources. The law, known as the Ley Segunda, helped to establish several national parks and protect forests from illegal logging and mining. However, for local communities and municipal governments, the law has had a lesser-known consequence: the proliferation of an…Read More

A Land Registry that Works for Everyone

USAID and Colombia’s Superintendence of Notary and Registry (SNR) continue recovering important land records by digitizing files and building the entity’s capacity to serve a healthy land market. In 2016, when USAID tried to support the Colombian government with the digitization of rural land and property files, this initiative encountered resistance. In Cauca, for example,…Read More

Chiribiquete: Protecting Colombia’s Largest National Park

USAID is partnering with the Government of Colombia to strengthen the capacity to increase sustainable land use and decrease deforestation to protect an iconic UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Serranía del Chiribiquete was first declared a protected area in 1989 when it covered 1.3 million hectares. The government has since expanded the park to its…Read More

Land Formalization Goes Live in Colombia

A Colombian Mayor surprises her constituents with land titles and uses live video and social media to spread civic messages about formalizing land tenure. Facebook Live Fuentedeoro’s Mayor, Patricia Mancera, took the world on a digital tour of her town. On Monday last week, Mancera’s team went live on Facebook, while walking door-to-door to deliver…Read More

“A successful land governance strategy requires political will” Q&A with Fuentedeoro, Colombia mayor

After several years spent to improve the municipal land office in Fuentedeoro, USAID and the National Land Agency are supporting a massive land titling and cadastre updating strategy that will cover the entire municipality. The mayor of Fuentedeoro, Diana Patricia Mancera speaks on the next steps for creating a culture of land formalization and on how to maintain…Read More