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Five Ways Women Lead on Addressing Climate Change

And Three Ways We Can Empower them to Lead More Climate change poses incredible challenges for women and girls in the developing world. The impacts of climate change disproportionately impact women and girls by barring them from accessing increasingly scarce natural resources, leaving them more vulnerable to extreme weather events and limiting their opportunities for education…Read More

Learning to Share the Land in Zambia

Balancing successful wildlife protection and expanding human populations leads to reduced human-wildlife conflict in Zambia’s North Luangwa Ecosystem As the global community wakes up to the deepening biodiversity crisis, many of Africa’s wild spaces are under threat, not from guns and poachers, but from the shovels and agricultural fields of smallholder farmers trying to make…Read More

INRM Digest, December 2021: Evidence methods

Across the U.S. Government, USAID is a leader in using evidence.  Evidence-based programming is a foundation for effective development. One of INRM’s main tasks is to assist USAID’s Operating Units with the use of evidence to support integrated ENRM programming. For example, using evidence and knowledge to strengthen gender equality and social inclusion is a…Read More

Zambia’s House of Chiefs Speak Up for Gender Equality

Gender equality guidelines will motivate Zambia’s traditional leaders to champion women’s rights in land and resource management Women in Zambia, like in most countries, have less access to land, productive resources, and opportunities than men. Due to discriminatory gender norms that view men as heads of household, men typically have more decision making power at…Read More

We Need Land-Use Planning to Prevent Deforestation at the Agricultural Frontier — And It’s Harder Than You Think

This blog originally appeared on Climatelinks.  By Daniel Evans Global sustainability initiatives like the UN Sustainable Development Goals have a land problem: How to achieve multiple land-intensive goals when there is only so much land to go around. Urgent needs for land, especially in developing countries, include protecting and restoring carbon-rich forests, conserving habitats to preserve the…Read More

INRM Digest, September 2021: Democracy and governance

Democracy is going backward in many places USAID works. The V-Dem Institute reported in 2020 that Latin America and the Asia-Pacific have reverted to a level of democracy last seen 30 years ago, while 60 percent of sub-Saharan countries are classified as “electoral autocracies.” Participatory natural resource management (PNRM) stands out as a potential means…Read More