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Inclusive and Impactful: Promising Approaches to Integrate Gender into Climate Finance

Envision a world in which climate action is equitable and propels us towards a resilient, low-carbon future. Enter climate finance, a promising emerging pathway to help achieve a just transition for all people. However, a critical piece of the puzzle for achieving this future is missing–existing climate finance efforts have overlooked the essential roles and unique…Read More

Linking Land and Climate: Resources from LandLinks and Climatelinks

Protecting natural ecosystems, empowering Indigenous Peoples, and supporting effective land governance systems are necessary to achieve climate resilience. COP28 is fostering progress on these topics through today’s theme: Nature, Land Use, and Oceans. USAID is leading the way on land issues by strengthening resource tenure governance and property rights to support sustainable livelihoods and protect…Read More

2023 Climatelinks Photo Contest: July 11, 2023 – August 7, 2023

The Climatelinks 2023 Photo Contest theme is USAID’s Climate Strategy in Action: Confronting the Climate Crisis Across Sectors. Climatelinks is looking for submissions that show the breadth of issues, impacts, and solutions to climate change across 13 categories. Submissions will be open starting July 11, 2023. The main categories are listed in bold below. Examples…Read More

Five Ways Women Lead on Addressing Climate Change

And Three Ways We Can Empower them to Lead More Climate change poses incredible challenges for women and girls in the developing world. The impacts of climate change disproportionately impact women and girls by barring them from accessing increasingly scarce natural resources, leaving them more vulnerable to extreme weather events and limiting their opportunities for education…Read More

Learning to Share the Land in Zambia

Balancing successful wildlife protection and expanding human populations leads to reduced human-wildlife conflict in Zambia’s North Luangwa Ecosystem As the global community wakes up to the deepening biodiversity crisis, many of Africa’s wild spaces are under threat, not from guns and poachers, but from the shovels and agricultural fields of smallholder farmers trying to make…Read More