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Five Ways Women Lead on Addressing Climate Change

And Three Ways We Can Empower them to Lead More Climate change poses incredible challenges for women and girls in the developing world. We know that the impacts of climate change disproportionately impact them by barring them from accessing increasingly scarce natural resources, leaving them more vulnerable to extreme weather events, and limiting their opportunities…Read More

Women’s Land Rights Champion: Corinne Hart

This series features Women’s Land Rights Champions within USAID to learn more about their work. We’re pleased to share this interview with Corinne Hart, USAID’s Senior Gender Advisor for Energy, Environment, and Climate. Tell us about yourself I am the Senior Gender Advisor for Energy, Environment, and Climate in USAID’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment…Read More

“Having a home doesn’t make you rich, but not having one makes you very poor”

Q&A with Patricia Castro, Tumaco’s Secretary of Women’s Affairs In January 2021, the municipal administration of Tumaco created its first Secretary of Women and Gender Equality. The entity represents a new view of equality and the strengthening of women’s rights. In this interview the Secretary, Patricia Castro, talks about the entity’s strategy and the challenges that…Read More

Using land rights to promote gender equality and fight gender-based violence

Secure land rights for women are a crucial part of a USAID gender responsive strategy to strengthen land tenure, and is making an impact on promoting gender equality and protecting one’s patrimony. Tumaco, whose population is overwhelmingly Afro-Colombian, is one of Colombia’s most dangerous areas with high levels of gender-based violence (GBV). Due to a…Read More

Groundbreakers: Women overcome bias and lead sustainable use of land and resources

USAID supports women leaders towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in land tenure, resource governance, and agroforestry value chains By: Sarah Lowery, USAID LRG/DDI and Corinne Hart, USAID GenDev/DDI In many countries men control who gets to use, own, and make decisions about land. “We used to stay in a corner, quiet. If someone came…Read More

Q&A: Working with PepsiCo to Build the Business Case for Private Sector Investment in Women’s Empowerment

Cross-posted from AgriLinks Since 2019, PepsiCo and USAID have been working together to empower female farmers in West Bengal where they have PepsiCo local staff and agronomists providing trainings to women in the potato supply chain, equipping them to take on the role of community agronomists, and supporting women’s self-help groups access land leases to grow PepsiCo potatoes….Read More