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International Rural Women’s Day 2022 – “My land, our futures”

Around the world, USAID is helping thousands of rural women secure their rights to land – providing them, their children and their communities with the security they need to build a brighter future. Mozambique Floriana Mariano Jose, 69, never had her own land. Last year, she received the long-term right to use a half-hectare plot…Read More

Putting Customary Land on the Map

USAID is supporting small-scale, gender-responsive land documentation to secure farmers’ rights to customary land in Malawi. “Here, men want to control everything and don’t allow women to talk. If we are aware of our land rights we can act and defend, and if we get divorced, we can still rely on the land to continue…Read More

Five Lessons from Using MAST to Advance Women’s Land and Resource Rights

Research shows that strengthening women’s land and resource rights has a striking and positive impact on women’s empowerment. And yet, across much of the world, formal and informal laws and customs hinder women’s access to land and resources, leaving them unable to fulfill their full potential as agents of economic and social change.  USAID is…Read More

Five Ways Women Lead on Addressing Climate Change

And Three Ways We Can Empower them to Lead More Climate change poses incredible challenges for women and girls in the developing world. The impacts of climate change disproportionately impact women and girls by barring them from accessing increasingly scarce natural resources, leaving them more vulnerable to extreme weather events and limiting their opportunities for education…Read More

Women’s Land Rights Champion: Corinne Hart

This series features Women’s Land Rights Champions within USAID to learn more about their work. We’re pleased to share this interview with Corinne Hart, USAID’s Senior Gender Advisor for Energy, Environment, and Climate. Tell us about yourself I am the Senior Gender Advisor for Energy, Environment, and Climate in USAID’s Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment…Read More