Stephen Brooks

Land Team Leader

Stephen Brooks is the Land Team Leader in USAID’s Land and Urban Office. He oversees USAID’s land and resource governance technical team and provides assistance to Missions and operating units on a range of technical areas, including natural resource governance, informal land administration, and urban tenure. Mr. Brooks also serves as the E3/Land Office’s primary liaison for the USAID Asia Bureau.

Educational Background

Mr. Brooks received a master’s degree in Environmental Science with a focus on International Development and Conservation from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science. He also received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida’s School of Forest Resources and Conservation.

Regional Experience

During Mr. Brooks’ time at USAID, his work has focused on Burma, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Zambia, Ghana, and Peru.

Previous Experience

Mr. Brooks brings expertise in land tenure and resource governance specific to international development and natural resource management. He also brings over 10 years of experience in forestry and coastal resource management, and 5 years of experience in urban natural resource management issues.

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