Lalaina Parson

Senior GIS Database Engineer
USAID GeoCenter

Lalaina is the Senior GIS Database Engineer in the USAID GeoCenter. She holds a Masters in Environmental Geography and has experiences working on GIS projects in the government, environmental, conservation, and international development sectors. At USAID, Lalaina worked with the Knowledge Management team in the CIO’s office at USAID where she built the AidTracker program. She also worked for FEMA to create the RiskMap CDS web application, the US Department of Education to build their NCES webmap application, and for the US Census to develop a GIS application and implement their GIS infrastructure. In Madagascar, Lalaina worked on conservation and environmental projects with USAID through CARE International. Currently, Lalaina is developing a GIS enterprise architecture for all phases of the SDLC for the GeoCenter, in which she administers and maintains spatial databases and develops web services through the use of cloud technologies.

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