Karol Boudreaux

Senior Land and Resource Governance Advisor
USAID Land and Resource Governance Division

Karol Boudreaux is a Senior Land and Resource Governance Advisor at USAID where she supports USAID Missions, Bureaus and Offices to design, develop and implement activities and policies that promote secure land rights and reflect the key role that equitable land and resource governance plays in promoting multiple development objectives.

Educational Background

Ms. Boudreaux, a lawyer, has published widely on topics related to land tenure and property rights and she earned her B.A. from Douglass College, Rutgers University, and her J.D. from the University of Virginia, where she focused on international law.

Regional Experience

Ms. Boudreaux has broad experience working on land tenure and land and resource governance issues in Southern, East and West Africa as well as in Burma, China, India, Kosovo and Timor L’Este.

Previous Experience

She has over two decades of experience working on land and development issues. Ms. Boudreaux was previously Chief Program Officer at Landesa, a global non-profit that works on land issues around the world as well as the Land and Resource Rights Practice Lead at the Cloudburst Group, a USAID implementing partner. Before that she served as the Africa land tenure specialist with USAID.