Amy Quandt, PhD

Global Coordinator, Land Potential

Amy Quandt is the Global Coordinator for LandPKS. She is also a College Assistant Professor at the Jornada Experimental Range at New Mexico State University. Amy is an environmental social scientist by training, with years of experience leading research projects in East Africa. Her dissertation work in Isiolo County, Kenya focused on how smallholder farmers are using agroforestry to build livelihood resilience to a variety of shocks including drought, flood, violent conflict, and wildlife crop raiding. She finished her Ph.D. in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder in 2017. She also holds an MS in Resource Conservation and a BS in Biology. Her current primary role on project is to coordinate between project staff and LandPKS users, as well as work with partners on the ground to promote LandPKS. She is based in Boulder, Colorado in the Sustainable Innovations Laboratory at Colorado (SILC) as a SILC Fellow.