INRM Digest, August 2021: Gender equality and integrated programming

women with plants
Photo by: Jason Houston

Understanding gender dynamics and the active participation of women in environmental and natural resource management is a critical part of effective development. A more strategic and intentional focus on gender equality can result in improved conflict management, enhanced governance and human rights, reduced poverty, and greater environmental sustainability. In this light, INRM considers gender equality foundational to effective integrated programming.

See below for some related updates from INRM and resources from across USAID and sector-wide that explore the interactions and linkages between gender and key development objectives.

In this digest:

INRM’s current gender equality work

  • Assessing gender disparities in fisheries and aquaculture
  • Including gender in the development of common indicators for HEARTH
  • Assessing the evidence of the benefits of inclusion on achieving democratic outcomes
  • Achieving gender integration in USAID environment programming

Additional USAID resources on gender and environment

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