“Everyone is treated equally because those who plant a half hectare today may be planting 300 tomorrow.”

Q&A with Alejandro Zuluaga, executive manager of Almidones de Sucre

By Land and Rural Development Program in Colombia

In 2008, the government created the company Almidones de Sucre in order to stimulate rural development in the Montes de María region and to provide added value to the cassava value chain. For several years, the company worked to build a business culture with cassava growers and increase production. In 2017, with the arrival of USAID support, Almidones benefited from the consolidation of a public-private partnership, which generated the synergy needed in the sector. The commercial manager of Almidones de Sucre, Alejandro Zuluaga, talks about this partnership and the evolution of the industrial cassava sector in Colombia.