We value your expert opinion. Please help us by completing a quick survey!

We value your expert opinion.

Please help us improve the MAST Learning Platform by completing a quick Survey!

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USAID’s Land Technology Solutions (LTS) project is seeking your valuable feedback about the MAST (Mobile Applications for Securing Tenure) technology and approach, as well as to improve the MAST Learning Platform website.

MAST is a mobile technology, coupled with a participatory community-led approach, that empowers communities with the tools to affordably, transparently, and efficiently document their resources and lands (location, extent, and/or boundaries).

The MAST Learning Platform is designed to be the central repository for USAID’s experience with the MAST technology and approach.

Your feedback will help us improve the content and organization on the MAST Learning Platform to be more timely, relevant, and insightful for your development work. Please answer the following brief and anonymous survey about your experience with the site. There is also an opportunity to leave your email address if you want to be contacted for further feedback.


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