Land Matters Media Scan – 2 February 2018

Photo by: Sandra Coburn/The Cloudburst Group

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Gaining Ground in 2017 (1/30/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Of local people and investors: The dynamics of land rights configuration in Tanzania – references USAID’s Mobile Application to Secure Tenure (1/10/18)
    Source: Danish Institute for International Studies
    Related report: Of local people and investors: The dynamics of land rights configuration in Tanzania
  3. Bolívar is the Pioneer of Secondary Occupants (1/22/18)
    Source: USAID Colombia LRDP
  4. Location Matters! LandPKS Can Provide Point-Scale Soil Information (1/22/18)
    Source: USAID LandPKS
  5. USAID Mobile Applications: Helping Smallholder Farmers Document Their Land Rights (1/25/18)
    Source: USAID LTS

Upcoming Events

  1. Land Tenure and Property Rights MOOC 3.0 (1/8-4/15/18)
    Source: USAID LandLinks
  2. Making Rangelands More Secure (1/29-2/9/18)
    Source: International Land Coalition / Land Portal Foundation
  3. Webinar: Women and Land Rights (2/14/18)
    Source: Namati
  4. India Land And Development Conference 2018 (2/19-21/18)
    Source: NRMC

Reports and Publications

  1. Thousands of people forcibly removed (1/25/18)
    Source: Norwegian Refugee Council
    Related report: Back to Square One
  2. Women left out of forest decisions (1/31/18)
    Source: CIFOR
    Related report: Challenges for women’s participation in communal forests: Experience from Nicaragua’s indigenous territories
  3. African women remain marginalized in land access (report) (1/23/18)
    Source: Econfin Agency
    Related report: Reward work, not wealth
  4. From Tree-Planting Drones to Shade-Grown Tea: Businesses Are Making Money by Reforesting the Planet (1/18/18)
    Source: World Resources Institute
    Related report: The Business of Planting Trees: A Growing Investment Opportunity


  1. Q&A: Why land rights are worth a multimillion dollar investment – Interview with Tim Hanstad (1/25/18)
    Source: Devex
  2. Podcast: Land Ownership Is Key to Addressing Poverty, Especially for Women, Charity Leader Says – Discussion with Chris Jochnick (1/26/18)
    Source: The Chronicle of Philanthropy

Indigenous Peoples

  1. Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities Vital to the Global Environment (1/25/18)
    Source: Inter Press Service
  2. Land grabbing: An urgent issue for indigenous peoples around the world (1/25/18)
    Source: Slow Food
  3. Kenya flushes out ‘criminals’ in forest dispute after Sengwer killing (1/19/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. Peru: Protect the Amazon from big business and greed, Pope Francis urges (1/19/18)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  5. Indonesia: ‘The forest belongs to the community’ (1/22/18)
    Source: CIFOR


  1. Chad: Climate Change and Conflict in Chad – Using P3DM to secure peace (1/24/18)
    Source: CTA
  2. Senegal: Women sow seeds, not division to build climate resilience in Senegal (1/18/18)
    Source: National Observer
  3. South Africa is getting land reform wrong (1/25/18)
    Source: The Economist
  4. South Africa: King Goodwill Zwelithini set for bruising battle with the ANC over rural land (1/22/18)
    Source: Business Day
  5. In Uganda, change is afoot for rights to forests (1/18/18)
    Source: CIFOR
  6. Zimbabwe: Ten priorities for getting agriculture moving in Zimbabwe (1/24/18)
    Source: fin24
  7. Zimbabwe: Resolving Who Owns What Land Lies at Heart of Zimbabwe’s Future (1/20/18)
    Source: The New York Times


  1. Brazil: ‘I used to see them as a bunch of rioters’: Brazil’s radical farmers (1/25/18)
    Source: The Guardian
  2. Colombia: Land title gives new hope to displaced Colombians (1/23/18)
    Source: UNHCR


  1. Bangladesh: CHT people to enjoy ownership of their land: PM (1/21/18)
    Source: Business News 24 Bd
  2. China: Land rights and agricultural efficiency (1/22/18)
    Source: Vox Dev
  3. India: The Great Indian Land Grab Being Carried out in the Name of Compensatory Afforestation (1/30/18)
    Source: The Wire
  4. The Philippines: ARMM starts Maguindanao land titling to settle disputes (1/20/18)
    Source: Philippine News Agency