Land Matters Media Scan – 27 March 2017

Photo by: John Dwyer / The Cloudburst Group

Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items, including a special section on last week’s Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty:


  1. Request for Information/Sources Sought: Communications, Evidence and Learning Project (3/21/17)
    Source: LandLinks
  2. Ask the Expert: An Interview with Caleb Stevens, USAID (3/16/17)
    Source: LandLinks
  3. Ask the Expert: An Interview with Heather Huntington, Cloudburst (3/23/17)
    Source: LandLinks
  4. USAID, Hershey’s and ECOM Help Cocoa Farmers Increase Production, Strengthen Land Rights, and Protect Forests (3/15/17)
    Source: LandLinks
  5. USAID Supports Women with Land Issues in Tajikistan (3/8/17)
    Source: LandLinks
  6. Land Rights Mark a New Frontier for Tanzania’s Rural Women (3/6/17)
    Source: LandLinks

2017 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

  1. USAID at the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2017 – includes papers presented on USAID projects (3/20–23/17)
    Source: LandLinks
  2. There’s a data revolution at grassroots (3/26/17)
    Source: Business Daily
  3. Why Secure Land Rights Matter (3/24/17)
    Source: World Bank
  4. Coke and Pepsi get mixed reviews in bid to clean up Brazil sugar supplies (3/24/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  5. Tech giants should join global campaign to seek land rights for all – experts (3/22/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  6. One in four people fear losing their homes, new nine country poll reveals (3/22/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  7. UA Professor Researching Drone Use To Establish Land Rights (3/22/17)
    Source: KJZZ
  8. Is “Secure Enough” Good Enough for Land Tenure? A Case Study from Rwanda (3/20/17)
    Source: Chemonics
  9. Women, cities, and opportunity: Making the case for secure land rights (3/20/17)
    Source: World Bank
  10. Opinion: Need a reason to open up land rights data? Here are 10 (3/17/16)
    Source: Devex


  1. INFOGRAPHIC: Surveying the landscape to reduce poverty (3/21/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. The case for thinking local: community-driven land information systems (3/20/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. Newest Technologies Becoming Weapons in Fight for Land Rights (3/20/17)
    Source: VOA / Reuters
  4. How Community Land Rights Can Save Our Forests and Climate (3/20/17)
    Source: Intercontinental Cry
  5. Tenure reform: Lessons from the Global South (3/20/17)
    Source: CIFOR blog


  1. Solving Africa’s land issues to boost productivity, alleviate poverty and eradicate hunger (3/24/17)
    Source: CNBC Africa
  2. Fighting land corruption in Sub-Saharan Africa: Widows tell their story (3/23/17)
    Source: Transparency International
  3. Ethiopia: International aid for Ethiopian land rights reform (3/23/17)
    Source: Floral Daily
  4. South Africa: Special unit created as Pretoria land grabs spiral out of control: report (3/23/17)
    Source: BusinessTech
  5. Tanzania: Despite murderous attacks, Tanzania’s ‘witches’ fight for land (3/22/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  6. Nigeria: Demolition of Lagos slum, defying court order, fuels fears of more evictions – activists (3/20/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Guyana tribe goes hi-tech to protect its land (3/19/17)
    Source: BBC News
  2. Ecuador: Amazon land battle pits indigenous villagers against might of Ecuador state (3/19/17)
    Source: The Guardian
  3. Brazil: Land rights activist shot dead in Brazilian Amazon hospital (3/21/17)
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Cambodia: Government Threatens Land Rights Protesters With Legal Action (3/27/17)
    Source: Cambodia Daily
  2. India: Growing runner beans to avert child marriage, trafficking in eastern India (3/21/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. India: Indigenous people would be provided land patta: Sonowal (3/18/17)
    Source: DNA


  1. Romania: Roma fear there is no place for them as Romania’s cities modernize (3/22/17)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation


  1. Indonesia Gives Some Control of Forests to Native Groups (3/25/17)
    Source: Voice of America
  2. Indonesian tribes rally for land rights (3/17/17)
    Source: Al Jazeera
  3. Australia: Labor to support native title changes to protect mining deals (3/21/17)
    Source: The Guardian