Land Matters Media Scan – 28 October 2016


Here are the recent land tenure and resource management media items:


  1. Taking Stock of the Voluntary Guidelines of Tenure: Lessons Learned and Best Practices (10/27/16)
    Source: LandLinks
  2. Toward a Carbon-Neutral Future: Why Land and Resource Rights Matter – written by Stephen Brooks (10/27/16)
    Source: Columbia University’s Earth Institute blog

Upcoming Events

  1. Climate Change and Sustainable Investment in Natural Resources: From Consensus to Action (11/2/16)
    Source: Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment


  1. Three myths about rural women (10/14/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  2. “Barefoot surveyors” flag needs in world’s slums, key to urban development – activist (10/20/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. Women and land – how to get from intentions to change on the ground (10/25/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. Could giving wild animals property rights help stop their decline? (10/27/16)
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Uganda: Why Uganda is a model for dealing with refugees (10/25/16)
    Source: The Economist
  2. Uganda: Jennifer Musisi Warns Investors Against Grabbing Schools’ Land (10/27/16)
    Source: AllAfrica / The Monitor
  3. Uganda: Government Blames District Land Boards for Illegal Land Titles (10/24/16)
    Source: AllAfrica / The Monitor
  4. Ethiopians adjust to life in Africa’s most ambitious social housing project (10/25/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  5. Ethiopia vows to protect European companies after farms attacked (10/26/16)
    Source: The Guardian
  6. Kenya: ‘I haven’t been given my share’: young Kenyans’ long wait to inherit land (10/26/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  7. Zimbabwe: How land reform is transforming a small town in southern Zimbabwe (10/24/16)
    Source: Zimbabweland blog
  8. Sudan: Tear gas fired as hundreds protest Sudan ‘land grab’ (10/26/16)
    Source: The Daily Star / AFP
  9. Malawi: From Drought to Green Revolution? Malawi’s—and Africa’s—Quest for Food Security (10/25/16)
    Source: World Politics Review


  1. Colombia: Despite ‘No’ Vote, Colombian Indigenous Groups Say They’ll Implement Peace Accord (10/17/16)
    Source: Latin America News Dispatch
  2. Brazil land grab threatens isolated tribes: activists (10/27/16)
    Source: Yahoo! / AFP


  1. Vietnam: Forest land tenure yet to yield full benefits: experts (10/27/16)
    Source: Viet Nam News
  2. India: ‘This forest is like an old friend’ – India’s tribal women fight for land ownership (10/21/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. China needs to protect property rights for all sectors (10/23/16)
    Source: Global Times
  4. Cambodia: Families Living Near Sihanoukville Waterfall to Get Land Titles (10/28/16)
    Source: The Cambodia Daily