Land Matters Media Scan – 24 October 2016

A river runs by green farmland in the rural Afghan area of Panjshir
Photo by: UN Photo / UNAMA

Here are the latest land tenure and resource management media items:

Reports and Publications

  1. Afghanistan: Improving ways to settle water disputes key to economic growth, avoiding conflict – new UN report (10/23/16)
    Source: UN News Centre
  2. Related: Liberia: GVL Rejects Global Witness Claim (10/21/16)
    Source: AllAfrica / Daily Observer
  3. Related: Liberia: the growth of a new palm oil frontier (10/20/16)
    Source: The Guardian


  1. Promoting Land Rights to Empower Rural Women and End Poverty (10/14/16)
    Source: World Bank
  2. Advancing women’s land and resource rights (10/14/16)
    Source: World Bank
  3. World’s slum dwellers, homeless must be protected with right to housing: UN expert (10/19/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  4. How are Coca-Cola and PepsiCo stacking up on land rights? (10/20/16)
    Source: Oxfam
  5. Related: Reviewing Coca-Cola and PepsiCo’s land assessments in Brazil (10/20/16)
    Source: Oxfam
  6. Obstacles to forest tenure reform deeply rooted in the past (10/20/16)
    Source: CIFOR blog


  1. African Women Scale Heights in Land Rights Protest (10/14/16)
    Source: Human Rights Watch
  2. Uganda’s nomadic herders feed the country, but under pressure to settle down – activist (10/21/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation
  3. Tanzania: Modern Map Equipment Expected to Reduce Land Conflicts (10/21/16)
    Source: AllAfrica / Tanzania Daily News
  4. Nigeria: Endless Fight Over Land (10/20/16)
    Source: AllAfrica / This Day
  5. Related: Women push Kaimenyi into action on their rights to land (10/18/16)
    Source: The Star


  1. Nicaragua Dispute Over Indigenous Land Erupts in Wave of Killings (10/16/16)
    Source: New York Times


  1. India: Dalit man kills himself in western India as protest over land rights widens (10/20/16)
    Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation