The Digital Landscape: Technology and Land Rights

Innovative tools and emerging technologies in the land sector offer new potential to improve the lives of women and men around the world. Rapid developments in technology are making it possible to solve development challenges in ways that seemed impossible just a few short years ago. Tools—such as smartphone apps that help people map and certify land; an open-source database that connects farmers, pastoralists and scientists across the globe; and participatory mapping programs that help clarify and secure tenure in customary settings—are making it easier for governments and local communities to efficiently manage land and resources and for individuals to understand and exercise their property rights.

Learn some of the keys for success in ensuring that technology solutions are context-appropriate, flexible, effective and sustainable. And find out from our expert panel what exciting possibilities lay ahead for technology in the land sector.

Bhanu Rekha
Geospatial Media
Ioana Bouvier
Frank Pichel
Cadasta Foundation
Lisa Kay Lewis
Thomson Reuters