Voices from the Conference: Global Land Forum 2015

By Anthony Piaskowy, Land Tenure, Communications and Learning Specialist in USAID’s Land Tenure and Resource Management Office.

Earlier this month, I participated in the International Land Coalition’s (ILC’s) Global Land Forum in Dakar, Senegal, along with others interested in sharing best practices for people-centered land governance. The Forum provides a unique opportunity to connect with attendees from over 500 organizations, including donor agencies, academic institutions, local and international NGOs, and civil society organizations, who work in and are passionate about the land tenure sector.

Forum sessions focused on the key themes of: inclusive development, justice for indigenous and local communities, and sustainable development. Heath Cosgrove, Director of USAID’s Land Tenure and Resource Management Office, participated in a roundtable session and discussed USAID’s Operational Guidelines for Responsible Land-Based Investment, which include recommendations to reduce risks and facilitate responsible investment projects that benefit both local communities and investors.

While the conference has come to a close, the dialogue sparked during sessions continue and contribute to policies and practices around land governance. Between sessions, I spoke with ILC staff, government representatives, and civil society members to learn their key takeaways. Read what Sabine Pallas, Bogale Terefe, and Lillian Bruce had to say about the Forum in the “Voices from the Conference: Global Land Forum 2015” image gallery below.

Voices from the Conference

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