In Case You Missed It: 2015 World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty

USAID works to improve land and resource governance and strengthen property rights for all members of society, especially women. Currently, USAID is working in 24 countries on land tenure issues and has committed US $300 million to these programs.

At this year’s World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, where USAID served as a sponsor and partner, the Agency had the opportunity to highlight exactly why land rights matter and what USAID is doing to address land tenure and property rights issues around the world. Eleven presentations, two Master Classes, and a booth at the Innovation Fair featured USAID’s work designing, testing and evaluating innovative and cost-effective land tenure and property rights approaches.

During the conference we released the infographic “Why Land Rights Matter,” to draw attention to the importance of land and the effect that it has on lives around the world. We also released the video, “Mobile Solutions Matter for Land,” which emphasizes how USAID using technology to help secure land rights and improve land use. In the two weeks since these products were launched, they have already gained significant attention. The infographic has been tweeted more than 200 times and the video has been viewed more than 250 times.

As part of our weekly Land Tenure and Resource Management Media Scan, which is a regular compilation of land tenure and resource management news from around the world, we have made a special edition for news stories related to the Conference on Land and Poverty.

Please see the Storify below for a full recap of USAID’s contributions to the Conference.


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