Progress on Land Rights in 2014: Our Year in Review

From negotiations over responsible agricultural investment in Rome to new research on gender equality in Rwanda to important steps in legal reform in Tajikistan, land rights continued to be a priority issue for the global community in 2014. Here are some of our favorite pieces on land rights from USAID and our partners from the past year.

  1. Investing in Smallholder Farmers to Feed the Future
    By Tim Fella (Devex)
  2. Progress Report: USAID Support for the Voluntary Guidelines
  3. Improving Donor Coordination to Amplify Impact
    By Gregory Myers (The Guardian)
  4. To Strengthen Women’s Land Rights, Don’t Forget Boys and Men
    By Cynthia Caron
  5. Video: Assessment of Rwanda’s Gendered Land Rights Informs New Approach
    By Anna Knox
  6. Issue Brief: Land Tenure & Disasters
  7. Issue Brief: Land Tenure in Urban Environments
  8. Does Devolving Rights to Communities Improve Forest Conditions?
    By Matt Sommerville
  9. Climate Change Impacts Felt By Poorest Communities
    By Robert Primmer
  10. Harmonizing Land Tenure in National Protected Areas in Honduras
    By Christopher Seeley
  11. Tajikistan: Legal Aid Boosts Food Security & Agricultural Investment
    By Tiernan Mennen
  12. Property Rights for Every Woman and Man
    By Gregory Myers (The Chicago Council’s Global Food for Thought Blog)
  13. Grading Donors on Land Rights – Voluntary Guidelines, RAI
    By Gregory Myers (The Guardian)
  14. Aerial Mapping of Diamond Sites Aims to Reduce Conflict, Benefit Miners – Guinea, Côte d’Ivoire, and Central African Republic


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