What is MAST?

MAST is a suite of innovative technology tools and inclusive methods that uses mobile devices and a participatory approach to efficiently, transparently, and affordably map and document land and resource rights.

MAST helps communities define, map, record, and document their land and resources. MAST provides easy-to-use mobile phone applications that empower citizens in the process of understanding their rights and documenting their land and resources. It combines the applications with a simple data management platform to capture the information necessary for securing rights. This includes names and photos of people using and occupying land, details about what the land is used for, and a basis for their claim to the land. On-the-ground training and participatory approaches help make the MAST process inclusive and build the capacity of communities to understand their resource rights.

How MAST Works

MAST is the combination of mobile application and technology platforms with on-the-ground training and participatory approaches. This customizable combination is designed to engage communities in quickly, accurately, and transparently mapping and documenting land and resource rights.

The diagram below illustrates how the MAST suite of mobile applications and data management platform work as part of the larger MAST process.

The diagram below illustrates the MAST implementing and participatory mapping component work as part of the larger MAST process.


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