MAST Technology

MAST Technology

MAST is a suite of tools and approaches that supports the collection and management of land rights and resource information. It integrates mobile applications and a web-based data management platform with participatory on-the-ground approaches.

The mobile application enables field teams to collect spatial, attribute, and multimedia data about land parcels and natural resources. Data is collected and stored on mobile devices and transferred to a cloud-based platform for data processing and management. This platform provides advanced functionality reviewed, processed, and approved for the preparation of land certificates.

MAST Mobile Applications

MAST Mobile is an Android-based application that can be used to capture land rights information in the field. The MAST Mobile application provides an intuitive user experience for querying map layers and capturing spatial, attribute, and multimedia information. With MAST’s mobile applications users can:

  • Create, edit, and analyze land rights data, including spatial, attribute, and multimedia content
  • Capture data following standardized processes and forms
  • Capture data offline and synchronize data to web-based data management platform
  • Update user preferences for use of local languages and external GPS devices

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MAST Data Management Platform

The MAST data management platform consists of four core components that allow users to establish a survey project, define data that is to be collected in the field, process and manage data, and generate and print land rights certificates:

  • Import, validate, and manage land rights information
  • Utilize mapping tools to edit and validate land rights information
  • Set-up and manage multiple data collection projects
  • Manage performance and generate customized reports

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Key Features

The MAST technology suite is robust and highly customizable. Developed in consultation with industry experts, it has been designed from the ground up to include a full range of features and meet a wide variety of needs. For expert users, it can also be modified and extended to work in virtually any situation. Key features include:

  • Offline Data Collection
  • Data Import and Validation
  • Data Management
  • GIS Web Services
  • Web Visualization and Editing Functionality
  • Flexible Data Model
  • GPS Integration
  • Robust API
  • Security

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How MAST Technology Works

The diagram below illustrates how the MAST suite of mobile applications and data management platform work as part of the larger MAST process.

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To learn more about MAST visit USAID’s MAST Learning Platform Or Contact Ioana Bouvier, Senior Geospatial Analyst, USAID E3/Land.