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Growing a Wildlife Industry in Zambia

In partnership with USAID, community owned and managed game ranches are sharpening their skills in wildlife resource management Zambia’s landscape is ideal for antelope. Between the rainy and dry seasons, over 25 species—from the fox-sized duiker to the 1,500-pound eland—graze across Zambia’s landscape. These unique scenes bring tourism revenues to the country from visitors, photographers,…Read More

Groundbreakers: Women overcome bias and lead sustainable use of land and resources

USAID supports women leaders towards gender equality and women’s empowerment in land tenure, resource governance, and agroforestry value chains By: Sarah Lowery, USAID LRG/DDI and Corinne Hart, USAID GenDev/DDI In many countries men control who gets to use, own, and make decisions about land. “We used to stay in a corner, quiet. If someone came…Read More

Q&A: Working with PepsiCo to Build the Business Case for Private Sector Investment in Women’s Empowerment

Cross-posted from AgriLinks Since 2019, PepsiCo and USAID have been working together to empower female farmers in West Bengal where they have PepsiCo local staff and agronomists providing trainings to women in the potato supply chain, equipping them to take on the role of community agronomists, and supporting women’s self-help groups access land leases to grow PepsiCo potatoes….Read More

Learning to Share the Land in Zambia

Balancing successful wildlife protection and expanding human populations leads to reduced human-wildlife conflict in Zambia’s North Luangwa Ecosystem As the global community wakes up to the deepening biodiversity crisis, many of Africa’s wild spaces are under threat, not from guns and poachers, but from the shovels and agricultural fields of smallholder farmers trying to make…Read More

Zambia’s House of Chiefs Speak Up for Gender Equality

Gender equality guidelines will motivate Zambia’s traditional leaders to champion women’s rights in land and resource management Women in Zambia, like in most countries, have less access to land, productive resources, and opportunities than men. Due to discriminatory gender norms that view men as heads of household, men typically have more decision making power at…Read More

Women Claim their Space in Land Governance

Cross-posted from IIED. Guest blogger Megan Huth details how USAID is employing a novel approach to ensure that rural women participate in decisions about land and natural resource use in Liberia In Liberia, in May 2021, the Bluyema Clan’s most outspoken and politically active women gathered to agree who would run for election for the…Read More